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Pitt cooking cooktops

As a Canadian Westcoast home appliance store dealer for Pitt, we have many models of Pitt cooktops to choose from.

From single burner units, all the way up to the six-burner model shown with one of our custom-built downdrafts installed. This is so smart looking! Talk to us about your PITT cooking needs.

We love the PITT for so many reasons

Having all the PITT cooking workings below the countertop allows the total integration of the product. 

So much easier to clean, and so much more elegant don't you think?

A PITT cooktop is a great addition to your outdoor BBQ entertainment area as well.

Choose a single burner or double burner to complement your BBQ cooking area.

Total integration

What other cooktop gives you such a sleek look as the PITT cooktop? Nothing that we know of !!

PITT cooking

  PITT Cooking

PITT Cooking